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114 euros per year for mobile air conditioning, but the stationary system is more economical: this is what you pay for energy for a cool summer house |  MyGuide

114 euros per year for mobile air conditioning, but the stationary system is more economical: this is what you pay for energy for a cool summer house | MyGuide

mining energyIf you want to fight the summer heat with an air conditioning system, you can choose a portable air conditioner or a stationary air conditioner. The first option is the simplest: installation work is not necessary and you can connect the device to the socket anywhere you want. Unfortunately, this system also produces the necessary noise. A stationary air conditioner becomes less noisy, but also less easy to install. Compare both systems and their costs.

Written by Kurt Demann, in collaboration with Mijnenergie

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The portable air conditioner cools the air in the room and then dissipates the heat through the exhaust hose. On the other hand, a stationary air conditioner consists of an outdoor unit that cools the air and an indoor unit that distributes the cooled air throughout the house. It is best to install the device by a professional. The stationary air conditioner is characterized by being less noisy, because the annoying outdoor unit is not located in the house itself.

How much power does my air conditioner need?

To estimate the type of air conditioning you need, it is important to know the capacity that the air conditioner must meet to cool your home. To find out, you first need to decide how many cubic meters you want to cool the room. Let’s take a room of 80 cubic meters as an example.

The degree of insulation is also important. Each room has a multiplier, which depends on how well it is insulated. A well insulated room with few windows and no flat or sloping roof has a factor of 30. Rooms with a lot of glass that are less well insulated have a factor of 40. The factor 50 applies to rooms with very high heat load, poor insulation and a flat or sloping roof.

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To find the required cooling capacity, multiply the volume of your room by the multiple. The area in our example has a factor of 30, which equates to the required cooling capacity of 2,400 watts, or 2.4 kW. Aankoop testers came to the conclusion that air conditioners do not always deliver the specified maximum power. So it is better to choose a device that exceeds your required power by ten to twenty percent.

advice: Pay with your depreciation costs Compare electricity prices and switch to a cheaper supplier.

portable air conditioner cost

Portable air conditioners are ideal when you want to quickly cool small spaces. Think of a bedroom right before bed. The purchase price quickly reaches several hundred euros. The power of the popular base model is about 900 watts, but there are also devices with a power of up to 1200 watts.

You usually use the air conditioner for 8 hours a day for 40 days a year. For portable air conditioners with a capacity of 900 watts, this equates to about 288 kilowatt-hours (kWh). Taking into account current energy prices, you pay about 114 euros per year. The latest figures from the Federal Energy Regulatory Authority CREG form the basis for this, at €39.56 per kWh in May.

Fixed air conditioning cost

Stationary air conditioners usually provide higher cooling capacity and higher efficiency. According to Test Aankoop, a stationary device is usually twice as efficient and therefore more energy efficient, so you can divide the consumption and costs associated with it by two.

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An air conditioner, stationary or mobile, is by no means the only way to keep your home cool during hot days. Heat pumps also provide an attractive and sustainable alternative, which you can also use year-round, including to heat your home. Those looking for a cheaper alternative to an air conditioner or heat pump can make their own by placing a frozen water bottle in front of a fan.

The most obvious solution to keeping your home cool is to keep out the sun and open windows and doors on both sides of the house at night. This allows you to circulate fresh night air through your home. Also, good insulation for your home has a huge impact.

Another option that you can invest in is solar control glass. As a result, the interior temperature rises less quickly when the sun hits the window. Invisible coating on glass blocks is twice as hot as regular double glazing. But there are also natural and cheaper ways, such as planting trees that provide shade in strategic places. Plants against the facade or on a flat surface also have their effect.

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