April 22, 2024

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2 people have been admitted to the hospital. Record of deaths, new locks closer and closer


The latest news is coming from the Epidemiological Front Israel They are increasingly ugly, not only in the Middle East but also in other parts of the world. In fact, Israel is a global model for vaccines: the country that carried out the largest massive vaccination campaign, first, two weeks ago, began administering the third dose Govit vaccine After a new wave of infections – at the peak of summer – by Delta variant.

However, the situation has not improved. Rather. OK 14 People have already tested positive after receiving the third dose of the vaccine, which is not as effective as expected. Of the 14 victims, all had symptoms of fever, headache, loss of taste and smell and their anxiety and sweating for the development of symptoms. Two people have also been hospitalized.

They are in Israel 422.326 The number of people who took the third dose of the vaccine was relatively small 5 million and 700 thousand Israelis The one who has completed the entire vaccine course in two doses for a long time (Israel only uses it) Pfizer)

Yesterday, moreover, the country marked a new record of deaths since the end of the vaccination campaign 19 victims per day. Not so much since the end of March.

Most of the victims (54%) and hospitalized (68%) in Israel at this time were vaccinated with two doses. The country is approaching the new lockout the government has envisioned at the end of August. The bad news is, even to other parts of the world.

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