April 17, 2024

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22-year-old soldier pleads guilty to leaking classified US documents

22-year-old soldier pleads guilty to leaking classified US documents

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A US soldier who leaked classified military documents last year agreed to serve at least eleven years in prison. He made a deal with prosecutors to plead guilty.

In return, he will not be charged with further violations of the US Espionage Act or other crimes. Otherwise, the soldier could have been jailed for up to thirty years.

Jack Teixeira, now 22, worked as a systems administrator at a US Air Force base. He was in charge of the communications equipment there and had access to classified documents from 2021.

Here are the pictures of Teixeira's arrest by the FBI last year:

FBI arrests suspect in investigation of leaked classified documents

The leaked documents also include details of the war in Ukraine. So it was written about A Dutch player Reportedly in Ukraine as a member of a special forces unit, Ukraine is struggling with weapons shortages. It also contained information about other allies, for example the Israeli Secret Service.

Teixeira admitted at trial that he had collected the documents and released them. He shared them on Discord, a site where people can chat and invite, and boasted that he had access to “information on Israel, Palestine, Syria, Iran and China.” After his arrest last year, the soldier pleaded not guilty.

Teixeira pleaded guilty to a crime that carried a minimum sentence of 11 years in prison, but prosecutors said they were seeking 16 years and eight months. The verdict will be announced at the end of September.