June 18, 2024

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Chile, Mapuche woman to chair Constituent Assembly – Ultima Ora

. Pinochet.

After the black smoke of the first vote, the 155 members of the organism vehemently chose the candidate for each delegation, and the name of the Mapuse intellectual received 96 votes in the second, which was enough to win the presidency.

Lawson, a 58-year-old graduate in art, linguistics and university teaching, welcomed the Chilean people in his mother tongue after the election, assuring them that achieving this status was “a dream of our ancestors”.

Stimulating the need to move towards a multi-national and diversified state, the newly elected president argued that “we can turn our backs on Chile and reconsider our relationship with the people of Mapuche.”

Finally, he stated that “the Constituent Assembly will be a participant” and announced that for this reason it was decided that the governing bodies should rotate to accommodate all the elements they represent.

The Chilean constitution in force in Latin America not only recognizes the original people, but at least nine of them are in Chile, the majority of whom are Mapuche and Aymara. (On the handle).

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