April 15, 2024

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Extreme triathlon, Sarah Tonketti Gold of Prussia

Sixteen hours, eighteen minutes and thirty-nine seconds: This is the time it takes Sarah Tonketti To conquer and capture its limits Serious triathlon gold medal. The 37-year-old from Presia came first, Broke the absolute record for women, For this version Stone Brixiaman, Which ended last night at the Ponte de Lecno with a parallel victory for 31-year-old Frenchman Tom Bagani (best time for men).

It is 5.22pm when Pagani (Lugton Traithlon) cuts one of the toughest finish lines of his life. OK 3.8 km swimming, 175 km cycling, 42 km. At 13h21’58 ” in front of Paso Paradiso (2,600 m Asl), after facing a distance of 6 thousand meters of total elevation difference, at 4 am, from the waters of Lake Icio Sarah Tonketti (Triathlon Precia) also arrives at 8.19pm, thanks to himIncredible comeback Welcomed by the passion of his family, he manages to reclaim second place in 2019 at 16h18’39 ”.

They Stoneman Ironman was the first person to cross the “gates of paradise” in the extreme distance triathlon, which organized trio events with the support of the Lombardy region, the province of Prussia and the municipalities of Ponte de Lecno and Sulsano. According to tradition, all 83 graduates 130 triathletes It also entered France, Germany, Denmark, Finland, Spain, the Czech Republic, Belgium and Brazil, where they were presented with a purple porphyry stone from Vale Comonica.

«I started believing it in Donald When they told me that the first woman was close – Sarah Tonketti said – although initially she had amassed a good advantage. I am indebted to my life partner and friend in the path of Stone Brixman who inspired me by believing first in my return.

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Trio soldiers Fr.RT at dawn Boating on a boat in Tavernola Bergmaska Swimming test at Icio Lake (3.8 km): Maximum two hours to reach Sulsano. And then The உந்துஉருளி: With a height difference of 4.300 m 175 km Along the way, competitors faced three steps: at Edolo l’Aprica (1.176 m Asl), then The Mortirolo (1.852 m Asl) and finally Kavia (2.621 m above sea level), after bathing for the first time at the historic Bonde de Lecno, always in the center of the Prussia region until the last descent to T2.
The first 20 km of the hamlet. Run (42 km)) Sovano folded Prikasaclio and Villa Teleno, then crossed to the opposite side in the center of Deme, Valbion (1,500 m) and went back to Ponte de Lecno for a second meeting bath. This led to the Passo del Donale (1,883 m above sea level), the D3 checkpoint and the hourly cut-off. The last 7 km (800 m difference in altitude) on the high mountain dirt road of the Prasena Valley. There is an overall positive difference in altitude of 2,200 m section, a total of seven hours to climb from the 1,200 m az to the 2,600 m az the Passo Paradiso.