May 24, 2024

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Ukraine, soldiers march in heels: storm to the end of the Ministry of Defense

Underneath the heels and camouflage. Ukraine’s decision to march in troops with heels instead of military boots for the Independence Day military parade is a storm. Images of the official training in the wake of the August 24 march marking the 30th anniversary of the country’s independence after the collapse of the Soviet Union, published by the Ministry of Defense on social media, quickly made rounds on social media, provoking anger not only in Ukraine but also abroad. And Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Olena Kondratuk He inquired about the matter and issued a public apology from the authorities for “insulting” the women who “hold Ukraine’s freedom in hand”.

The The demonstration also came into the room Some delegates there brought heels and displayed them between the benches, mocking Defense Minister Andrei Taran for wearing a pair of high heel shoes to the parade. Gondrtuk recalled the role of women in the country’s defense: 13,5000 soldiers fought in the war against pro-Russian separatists that plagued Donbass for more than seven years. There are even those who thought the shot was a joke. Opposition MP Like Irina Zherashchenko, she firmly believed that this was a contradictory photo. “It’s hard to imagine a more stupid and harmful idea,” said Inna Chowsun of the Colosseum, noting that Ukrainian soldiers risk their lives just like their male counterparts and are “unworthy of laughter.” As reported by the Kiev Post, there was strong criticism of the ministry’s decision from the veterans’ movement: “Women serve in the military in the same uniform as boys. Why do they have to endure heel long exercises? ”.

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For their part, the players who were forced to march in heels did not seem excited about the idea. “It’s a little harder than military boots, but we try,” Cadet said Ivanna Medwidt, According to the Ministry of Defense information site, Army information.

The reviews may have already moved something. Marina Bardina, a member of parliament from the majority ‘People’s Employees’ Party, said she had spoken to Minister Taran, who had promised to “have different shoes during the march” on August 24. But there is currently no official decision.

Meanwhile, the same ministry has responded to the criticism, releasing some pictures of other troops in its defense, not well identified, with parade uniforms fitted to the heels, as if they had ended up in the center of the storm.