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Kamala Harris, Vice President’s harassment was “betrayed” by her staff –

AWhite House rescue operation begins now: Ron Klein praises Joe Biden’s chief of staff Kamala Harris His team, a former president even enters the field, Bill Clinton draws an extraordinarily positive portrait of Tina Florna, The woman who became the right-hand man of the Vice President of the United States after a long political career in the Democratic Party, where Clinton was the head of staff at the White House in the 1990s. மா The case that rocked Harris’ unopened office, After an anonymous uprising by several members of a group of collaborators interviewed by the site, Talked about a paradoxical and erratic work environment, an unbearable climate.

A few months after the new administration took office, many noticed that things were not going to go smoothly. Harris has already been abandoned by two of his closest associates, Director of digital operations also resigned. One remembers that this is not the first time Kamala has appeared ineffective on a corporate level: even two years ago His presidential campaign team differs even before the primaries begin Between disputes, allegations of mistreatment and the unexpected, rapid reduction of election funds, it was badly spent. Biden recovered it last year, and he put it on his presidential ticket.

In short, the Vice President is raining down moisture, Immigration was attacked from the right and left for how it manages the emergency Illegal immigrants (objectively forbidden work entrusted to her by Biden): from trip to Mexico and Guatemala (right accuses her of being useless, left criticizes call for repatriation of immigrants from Central America) Recent work in Texas on the border with El Paso. A visit that was decided too late (94 days after Kamala was appointed immigration jar) and moved to Texas a few days later so as not to overtake Donald Trump.

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Even that trip Detonator of the fight on the vice presidential team. Second Politico.comA few days after the trip, no one knew he would go to El Paso, not even those who had to organize it. A decision that has been criticized by many, Choosing a much quieter boundary point than the more complex ones Like the collection centers in McAllen or Ducen, Arizona, Harris gave the impression of being a media parade rather than an actual operational mission.

22 aides and former aides to the vice president were interviewed Politico.comAttribute Institutional Disasters and Tensions at Tina Flornoy This would have isolated the vice president and made communication difficult, with the aim of protecting her. Then, if something goes wrong, Flornoy will always be willing to shift all responsibility to some deputy. Harris spokesman Simon Sanders defends Florna and tells his muscle management: We certainly will not stand here drawing rainbows and rabbits all day, while everything is getting harder for black women.

Because there is definitely some truth in these protections Harris was given a lot of challenging assignments (In addition to immigration, securing electoral rights, location, digital networks and jobs) and his team, unlike Pitton, with a few small and experienced individuals. But destroy it There is also a lack of some democratic circles behind the attacks If the president fails to apply again in 2024, he hopes Harris will not be able to unite an electoral coalition as broad as that built by Fidel.

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