April 21, 2024

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As soon as the bridegroom arrives at the altar, the bridegroom feels bad and dies

LONDON – A gruesome story, a 57-year-old British man named Paul Vin died last Friday while a married couple was waiting for their fianc at Town Hall. The couple, who have had five children together for more than 20 years, hastily arranged the wedding following the discovery that the 57-year-old was unwell.

He was about to marry his longtime partner, and they all said yes when a sudden illness struck him on an altar a few minutes before the wedding. This is the horrific story of 57 – year – old Paul Win, who died last Friday at the Salt Coats Townhall campus in Ayrshire, southwest Scotland. The man was unwell as his partner was brought down the aisle by their eldest son, despite attempts to save him at first, and then by doctors, the 57-year-old future bride with a broken heart who died a few minutes later.

The couple, who have been together for more than twenty years and had five children out of wedlock, had hastily arranged the wedding following the discovery that the 57-year-old had already been diagnosed with advanced cancer. A sudden news upset the family peace and reassured both of them to the next level. However, it was only eight days before Paul was diagnosed with cancer, and even though the doctors had only given him a few months to live because the pancreatic cancer had already spread, there was nothing to say that he would not come to the altar. For the liver and lungs.

“If I had known we would not have much time, I would have tried to arrange the wedding earlier in the week,” partner Alison’s told local media. As soon as he arrived at the wedding venue the woman realized that something had gone wrong, her lifelong partner had not spoken, and he was motionless: he immediately fell to the ground and lost consciousness without waking up.

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