May 21, 2024

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Ukraine, female soldiers in rehearsal for a military parade: this is controversial

Report Guardian, The march in question is set to take place on August 24 to mark the 30th anniversary of the country’s independence after the fall of the Soviet Union. “Today, for the first time, exercise is taking place with high heel shoes – commented Cadet Ivanna Medwidt, According to the Ministry of Defense information site, Army Information – It’s a little harder than military boots, but we try. ”

Reactions in Parliament … – Members of parliament invited the defense minister to wear high-heeled shoes at the parade. “It’s hard to imagine a more stupid and harmful idea,” he said Inna Sowson, The Colossians’ party, stressed that “Ukrainian soldiers – like men – risk their lives” and are “unworthy of laughter”. The Ukrainian Armed Forces employs more than 31,000 women, including more than 4,000 officers.

… e sui social- The choice of footwear has sparked a wave of criticism on social media. “The story of the heel march is a real shame,” the commentator said on Facebook Vitaly Portnikov, Some Ukrainian officials argue that he has a “medieval” mentality. Another commentator, Maria Shabranova, The Ministry of Defense accused of “sexual and misconception”: “High heels are a mockery of women imposed by the beauty industry” he wrote.

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