April 23, 2024

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St. Petersburg, Record of Covid Deaths Among Europeans. Infection among fans returning to Finland after matches in Russia

It has already hosted six matches Euro 2020 A quarter-final will be played on Friday. But still St. Pietroborgo The highest daily death toll has been reported in the last 24 hours Govit-19 In a Russian city from the beginning International spread. I 107 Deaths due SARS – Cove-2 On the last day, When Country There is more to variation Delta Records the record of casualties since January. Concerned neo-hippies and their global warming, i’ll tell ya Europeans, Which will affect the increase in infections. One decision was harshly criticized Lothar Cycling, President of the German Organization for the Control of Disease, in Robert Koch Company (Rki), than the newspaper Rainich Post He reiterated the irrelevance of travel Europe During epidemics, reveals depending on his suffering Levels Small: “From the point of view of infectious medicine – he said -, this is not a good idea”.

Cases of affected fans – In fact, the spread of the virus has already been affected Fans Again Finland Following two games Europeans Controversy a St. Pietroborgo – Against Russia June 16 and Belgium Monday. So far, according to media reports, 86 have tested positive, but not all tests carried out on the Finnish border have yet been analyzed, and an increase in cases is expected. And about 800 people came inside Finland Without clearing the boundaries skills are not enough. So the Finnish Health and Welfare Agency “invited all travelers to come St. Pietroborgo In Finland Contact any bus company to ask for a test for the corona virus. ” Russia to take part Fit. Infection tip anxiety Denmark, Meanwhile 16 Corona virus positive By the fans who watched their last group match Russia a Copenhagen, Four included with variation Delta More infection. All fans who attended the match were asked to submit to the test Test PCR.

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Epidemic in Russia today – The Country Saw the eruption of new events Corona virus From mid-June, led by the most contagious variant first identified India. The Nation Overall announced today 21.665 New infections, very high daily count January. The Dramatic The increase in infections is coming as authorities Moscow They push the Russians Get vaccinated, After removing most of the restrictions Antivirus At the end of last year. “Stop International spread, One must: Vaccines Quick and large scale. No one has come up with a solution, ”said the Moscow mayor Of Sergei Sofian On state television, picked up Rhea Novosti. So far, in fact, mass immunizations have never been taken in the country.

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