April 21, 2024

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Disappointing UFO report

The U.S. government released an expected report on the Unidentified Aerial Event (UAP), but the analysis in the document was described by most experts as endless. The report was intended to provide information on the activities of the Department of Defense, commonly known as UFOs (unidentified flying objects), which have been the subject of decades of speculation about mysterious technologies that some claim to be alien in nature.

The Document The 143 reports collected from 2004 to date indicate that they are not consistently explained. This includes 21 cases of unknown events that may demonstrate technological capabilities unknown to the United States. Note that objects trapped in a plane moving at considerable speeds without the use of propulsion systems or objects that accelerate at certain moments and suddenly change their course. The United States believes that the technologies to achieve these results are beyond the capabilities of other major countries such as Russia and China. However, even in this case, the document indicates the need for more precise analysis and investigation.

Overall, there is no evidence that the technologies were obtained from secret programs in the United States or other countries, or that these were alien scenes. However, the report does not explicitly exclude any of these possibilities, which indicates the need for further investigation.

Some of the results in the document will trigger new ones UFO speculation, Especially by activists and conspiracy theorists, see the traces of the passage on Earth as a sign of secret military plans or alien creatures in these events.

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UFOs and aliens
In general, “unidentified flying object” cannot describe any event seen in the sky, for example due to the way the object flies or its shape. Then if further analysis and intelligence allows us to understand its origins, the UFO will cease to exist and adopt other definitions.

It can therefore be said that UFOs exist without indicating the existence of aliens, and that those unidentified objects are the result of their technologies. Nevertheless, “UFO” has long been synonymous with alien spacecraft. Over the years, companies, sometimes even cults, have sprouted evidence of UFO visions not only about the existence of alien life forms, but also about their existence on Earth.

UFOs are undoubtedly not considered by those who consider them an alien expression. Their views are valued by governments in many countries because they pose a threat to national security or lead to the discovery of new technologies developed in the military or civilian sector. The newly released report was commissioned last year with a request for a review of the activities of the Naval Intelligence Office, the FBI and the UAP Executive Committee. Nine pages of documents were presented to Congress to make its own assessments of what had been done so far.

Some reports
The report says that so far the level of views has been too small to allow for the identification of common trends and elements between different chapters. Therefore, it is not excluded that the reports are often derived from defects in the technologies used or specific optical effects as a result of flying shots during military exercises. In the case of higher finance, the document states that more precise systems can be arranged to look after any new UAPs in the future. These and other reports have led various analysts to wonder whether the government has so far underestimated the issue, allocating limited resources to it and endangering national security.

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Last summer, the Department of Defense organized a working group to analyze unidentified aerial events (UAP) with the aim of trying to reconstruct the cause and origin of UFOs. The decision comes months after three videos shot by U.S. military pilots were insulted, recording the sky of objects they had never seen before and were hard to explain. At the time, the Department of Defense explained that the videos showed events that had not yet been “identified” by the task force.

Following the unrecognized spread of the former collaborator on the UAP project, three videos, one shot in 2004 and two in 2015 were actually several years old. In 2019, another video was recorded showing footage taken from a U.S. military plane near San Diego (California). The shots showed a strange object on the plane, which then seemed to disappear into the water without leaving any traces.

5 sections
Some of these reports include unexplained incidents mentioned in the new report. Only one view was explained that a large balloon would fall into the air and lose height. This description includes the five types identified in the document to define UAPs:

1. Secret technology developed by an opposing military force;
2. Innovative American technologies are kept secret;
3. Natural phenomenon;
4. The rest of the object on the plane like a weather balloon out of control;
5. The other is a type where alien technologies also fall.

The U.S. government has promised to update within three months on what Congress wants to do to improve the UAE’s identity and analytical capabilities. The plan should include new monitoring systems to be developed over the next few years. This effort will include congressional updates and any new views on progress over time.

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