July 18, 2024

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Donald Trump sues CNN for defamation, seeks 5 million

Donald Trump sues CNN for defamation, seeks $475 million

Donald Trump is suing CNN for defamation. The former president believes the TV channel has launched a smear campaign against him to prevent him from running again in the 2024 US presidential election.

International news agencies reported this on Monday.

According to documents filed in a Florida court, Trump is seeking $475 million in damages. According to his lawyers, the channel branded him a “racist, Russian vassal, rebel and ultimately Hitler”.

According to the former president’s legal team, which is seen as a reliable source of CNN news, these “allegations” put Trump in a bad light “with the intention of defeating him politically.”

Since Trump is no longer president, he has tried several times to launch lawsuits against individuals and media outlets who allegedly defrauded him. Recently, another case he wanted to pursue against his 2016 election opponent, Hillary Clinton, was dismissed by a judge. Trump accused Clinton and a dozen others of conspiring against him.

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