May 30, 2024

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State portraits of Frederick and Mary are very royal

State portraits of Frederick and Mary are very royal

Official photos of King Frederick and Queen Mary appeared online this morning. As you can see below, she is very royal.

The King wears a uniform full of insignia, and Queen Mary wears a long dress of velvet and lace.

Steen Ewald, Kunghuset ©

The dress was designed by Birgitte Hallstein and is “brand new.” So it is not a modified version.

Crown jewels
As for jewelry, Mary chose a combination of emeralds and diamonds. The set (crown, necklace, brooch and earrings) was made in 1840 by the Weishaupt jeweler for King Christian VIII. He presented it as a gift to his wife, Queen Caroline Amalie, most likely on the occasion of their silver wedding on 22 May 1840. As the barore is one of the Crown Jewels, the jewels may only be worn by the Queen. Mary in this case. If you are not wearing a cloak, he can be found in the safe basement under Rosenborg Castle. The collection, including the wreath, is not allowed to leave the country.

Steen Ewald, Kunghuset ©

You can't see the necklace very well because of the dress, but she's wearing it.

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to request
In Denmark, it is customary for female members of the royal house to wear a miniature portrait of the reigning queen. Previously a portrait of Queen Margaret, Mary now has one of her husband, King Frederick. The image was painted by British artist Tom Mulliner and framed in gold and glitter. The frame was made for Empress Amelie of Brazil. When the Empress was childless, the frame passed to the Empress's sister, Queen Josefina of Sweden. The frame later passed to Queen Josefina's granddaughter, the later Queen Lovisa of Denmark, and she was the first Danish queen to wear a portrait of the Danish regent in this special frame. Later, Queen Alexandrine and Queen Ingrid wore the frame during their husbands' reigns, and from 1972 until the coronation in January 2024, Queen Margrethe wore it with a portrait of her father, Frederick IX.

Mary with a portrait of Queen Margaret:

Photo: © Hasse Nielsen