April 21, 2024

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Thus tourism spreads Indian stocks in Europe

Only on Lazio, Paddy ‘Estate By 2020, 5,000 (but not only) positive boys have returned. They were on vacation at the Costa Smeralda in Corba, Malta Croatia, A Ibiza. First, at the end of the most difficult, lock-in, the illusion that the epidemic had disappeared caused a setback that we paid for throughout the autumn, because the virus was on boats, in Costa Smerald nightclubs, in pac pubs, at Corbyn parties, in shared apartments in Malta; It spread among German, Spanish, Czech, and Italian children, and we set fire to what we believed should be extinguished. There are some signs that the same scene will reappear a year later.

Great Britain, record of epidemics: 18 thousand in 24 hours. Fear of European species and delta diversity

Delta variant, one year later

Portugal, first reopened to British tourism, is now the largest country in Europe’s mainland. Delta variant, Which has a transfer speed of 50 percent higher than English; In Mallorca, 600 children from different parts of Spain celebrated the end of the school year, many of whom became infected despite undergoing antigen testing: this chapter is also in Spain this summer as a great warning of what could happen. Francesco Via, director of the Spallanzani Institute in Rome, reiterates: It is important that we leave for the holidays with the second dose of vaccine. We need to convince Italians not to postpone vaccination to go on vacation. At the same time we have to go out to meet people to get vaccinated. We will do this with injection centers at tourist resorts in Lazio, but first we need to make people aware of the importance of completing the vaccination cycle.

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More than 600 positive children after Mallorca, pool and boat parties: 2,000 more isolated in Madrid


But why might the holidays become such an epidemic? It has to be said – Via recalled – we have one more weapon, vaccines compared to last year. This definitely improves the situation. But we understand that only the double dose helps us with the delta variation, which is why I strongly emphasize the need to complete the vaccination cycle before exiting. The case of Palma de Mallorca confirms almost exactly the list of dangerous behaviors we already saw in the summer of 2020. Boats, for example, from Valencia to Mallorca, as well as between Civadavacia and Sardinia, were exposed several years ago, in which the virus spread widely because we were talking about boys who wanted to socialize. Say “no one has a mask” to the affected youth in Spain, with photocopies of photographs of Italians returning from the island of Bagh in Croatia, another center of summer vacation. There was a big concert in Mallorca where distances and precautionary measures were not taken; Around Europe, in the summer of 2020, the same scenes were experienced, with clubs on the beaches of Greece or Croatia overflowing with alcohol. Glasses, cigarettes, warmth, and even cold smoke baked in some places on the Costa Smerald a year ago are strong opportunities for the virus to spread.