February 21, 2024

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Shock discovery: Creta can be saved. But the Germans …

Umberto Corcerella died immediately, however Creta Netrotti, A 25-year-old student who was aboard a boat carrying two German tourists may have been rescued when a boat capsized on Saturday evening, June 19, in the waters of the Carta in Riva Aguarama. If only the Germans had jumped into the water to help her and rescue her, they would have gone straight instead. Patrick Cassen and Christian Teesman, 52 tourists who returned to Germany, are currently being charged with manslaughter and manslaughter by a Prussian lawyer.

Creta drowned

The first results of autopsies carried out on the boys’ bodies speak for themselves, the 37-year-old died instantly, the boat’s impact severed his aorta and created other abdominal injuries, but Creta died. Submerged in water, After being thrown into the water. The two German tourists continued into the evening as if nothing had happened, and according to them, they would not have noticed that they were killing people. A nearly 5-hour autopsy was performed to understand the cause of Creta’s death, during which a CT scan of the neck was performed. His body was recovered after 12 hours of research, at a depth of 98 meters, with major injuries, but it was not considered dangerous by the death row inmate. The girl had leg injuries and a half-amputated leg, but to the coroner Maria Cristina Russo, who was appointed by the attorney, she may have been saved. What killed Greta was the large amount of water she ingested and ended up in her lungs. The 25-year-old drowned. If two Germans had immediately jumped into the water to help her, she might have been saved. However, it is underlined by the title Built: “After this champagne, two people died”. Translation: “They killed two people after this champagne”.

In the video, the Germans stumbled

Ile Jோர்rnல்le reviewed what happened immediately after the tragic accident, and in the video of the investigation recorded after the accident, the German couple can be seen returning to port with the pirate motor boat. In the pictures, the two do not stand well on their own feet, and one of them ends up in the water even after losing his balance. Did they drink and die from the level of alcohol they drank before the violent impact? Only one of them, 15 hours after the tragedy, agreed to submit to itAlcaldest, The negative result, who strangely said he was driving a powerful boat. Instead the owner of the vehicle refused. The two immediately returned to Germany, Munich, with two deaths on their consciences.

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They denied it, but some witnesses say they saw two 52-year-old German managers eating champagne during the day and seeing them. Drunk After the accident. According to the reconstruction, the two would have drunk champagne in the afternoon, after the Portugal-Germany match, they would have seen Mille Miglia passing the car race on a motor boat, and after dinner they would return to the seaside dock. No bottles were found during the search of the boat, but of course it was not difficult to remove them. However, it is doubtful: if the two Germans immediately drowned and reached Greta and brought her to safety, would the woman still be alive?