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4Gamers – Guide |  Best Diablo 4 wizard build

4Gamers – Guide | Best Diablo 4 wizard build

since Diablo 4 Just released to the world, it’s hard to estimate how interesting a wizard will be and which one will eventually prove to be the strongest. However, here are some of the active skills that we recommend for the Mage class.


Lightning is born to you. Every 10 hits, the enemy is stunned for 2 seconds.

frost bolt

Throws a ball of ice that deals damage and freezes enemies.

Frost Nova

Freezes enemies around you for 2 seconds.


Creates a beam of fire. Damage per second increases over time.


Hits a large area and burns the target

the passive skills In Diablo 4, missions are also important, so these are our recommendations.

racial harmony

Reduces defensive skill cooldowns.

glass cannon

Deals more damage per second.

The Diablo 4 beta already showed that Fire pool It is the most powerful mage build that players can craft. Therefore, the focus is on promotion screwAnd fireballAnd TeleportAnd hydraAnd Firewall And Big fire. Those who played Diablo 3 will remember that the Firebird and Fire Hydra Wizard builds were often highly ranked. Similar builds seem to work well in Diablo 4.

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