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4Gamers – Review |  Exoprimal

4Gamers – Review | Exoprimal

Dinosaurs, lots of dinosaurs. And lead, lots and lots of lead. That’s pretty much the summary of Exoprimal. Capcom’s new multiplayer game may look a little strange from a distance, but it’s actually surprisingly addictive.

We’ll be honest for a moment, there is a story in Exoprimal, but we lost interest in that story pretty quickly. It is about dinosaurs appearing unexpectedly, artificial intelligence playing war games, and the interaction of different dimensions. The story is quite extensive, but it sometimes feels like a little annoying factor among the online games.

Therefore, Exoprimal is entirely about the online competitions you run. Where you are placed in a team of five players and have to compete against another team of five players. Usually not in the way you might think. Both teams are usually presented with the same tasks, which they must complete as quickly as possible. The team that gets everything done as quickly as possible wins. After the different parts of the missions, you will also be notified each time if you are faster or slower than the other team.

This may sound a little weak, but it’s a very addictive episode. Your team is dropped onto a map and then run from one mission to the next, while you get to kill a lot of dinosaurs in those missions. And we also mean a lot, because it’s not uncommon to have to shoot hundreds of birds of prey through the head.

The degree of difficulty often lies in the type of dinosaur you are presented with. Shooting two hundred birds of prey is not difficult, but Triceratops, for example, is a little more difficult. In some matches, you’ll also come face to face with the other team at the end, but that’s far from the focus of Exoprimal and in fact also its less fun side.

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At the beginning of the game, the number of modes available will be very limited, as will the different maps. Only later, without really seeing you, will unlock new maps and modes, which will also be released randomly. After all, for now you can just choose Dino Survival, you are placed on the map and get down to business. A slightly odd choice, which makes Exoprimal feel very limited at first. This feeling does not completely change later, but after that there will be more of a difference. Hopefully, this won’t cause many players to quit quickly, because they feel it’s pretty much the same. After all, a game like Exoprimal is make or break with its player base.

Review |  Exoprimal - Dinosaur Hunting is addictive

It’s also an odd choice, since Exoprimal is a full-price game. With a free game it would be less of a problem for us that you have to unlock all kinds of maps and modes, but if we pay 60 euros or more it can all be there from the start. Every other aspect of the game – such as a number of exosuits – is also linked to your survival pass or your player’s level. These new modes are really interesting and offer a really different experience, but Exoprimal requires a lot of patience from its players, without hanging a carrot to indicate that you have to be patient.

So teams consist of five players who can choose from three classes: attack, tank, and support. It’s not too complicated, though you also have enough different play styles within the class to keep everyone happy. The choice between offensive or defensive, melee or long range exosuits… It’s all there and offers more than enough variety.

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Review |  Exoprimal - Dinosaur Hunting is addictive

It’s also important to have a relatively balanced team and oddly enough your matchmaking doesn’t take much into account which outer suit you’re using. Admittedly, you can switch whenever you want during a match, but with random people it’s not always convenient to make a good team. More than once we had to turn into a tank or support, otherwise they would not be on our team.

In addition, your exosuits also level separately, which makes it somewhat difficult to constantly level your favorite exosuit in order to unlock all the necessary stuff. You can then hope other players adjust, but if no one adjusts, you can actually write defeat.