July 20, 2024

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6 Cool Phone Gadgets You Can Order for Christmas

6 Cool Phone Gadgets You Can Order for Christmas

Of course at Androidworld we love phones and chances are we will share that love too. Let’s spoil ourselves and our smartphones this Christmas. Everyone knows power banks and holsters, but these are six original gadgets that can be a lot of fun.

1. Wooden phone holder

If you often work from home, it is best to make your workplace at home more comfortable. This stylish stand for your smartphone can add a great value to your desk. You can lose not only your smartphone, but also your wallet, wearables, USB sticks and anything you want. It comes in three different colors and you can neatly hide your phone’s charging cable.

  • wooden phone holderAmazon5280 EUR

2. Android wireless car

There is 100 million cars Compatible with Android Auto, but it is a pity that the vast majority do not work with Wireless Alternative. Fortunately, there is AAW wireless: a small device that you plug into your car’s USB port and then wirelessly connect to your phone. All you have to do is get in, start your car and drive away. After a few seconds, Android Auto will appear on the infotainment system. You can read all about this tool In this article.

  • wirelessIndiegogo€88 (including shipping)

3. Razer Kishi controller

Playing on your phone is a lot of fun, especially when using cloud gaming services like stadia And NVIDIA GeForce starts working. You can play major game titles in it thanks to the power of data centers and your internet connection.

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A console like the Razer Kishi is ideal for use with your phone for cloud gaming. It has quality buttons and joysticks. Check beforehand if your phone is compatible with the controller. Works with smartphones between 145.3 and 163.7 mm in length. The width should be between 68.2 and 78.1 mm.

6 Cool Phone Gadgets You Can Order for Christmas

4. USB-C-stick met 128GB

We upload more to the cloud, but sometimes it still pays to have physical storage in your pocket. Preferably a USB drive that works on phones as well as PCs and laptops. The SanDisk Ultra Dual Drive Go comes with USB-C on one side and USB-A on the other. Admittedly, this isn’t the most exciting tool, but you’d never be surprised. Regardless of whether you have an internet connection available or not.

6 Cool Phone Gadgets You Can Order for Christmas

5. Wireless car charger

Wireless chargers can be a great added value in the car, especially if you are also looking for a stand to use your smartphone for commuting. With this wireless charger you have two in one. You plug it into your car’s 12V socket and then you can charge your phone up to 10W. Attach the bracket to the window, on the dashboard, or into the vent. Conveniently, it also works with large phones: models with a screen size of up to 7 inches.

  • iSetchi Qi Car Charger & Car MountBol.com€39.97
6 Cool Phone Gadgets You Can Order for Christmas

6. Smartphone Gimbal

Smartphone cameras are getting better every year, which is why it has become so interesting to invest in accessories that help you shoot and shoot better. This DJI gimbal is an all-in-one accessory. You can use it to shoot steady from the hand, but you can also use it as a monopod for shooting.

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The gimbal works with pre-programmed movie modes in which the gimbal can be rotated, for example, while shooting. It’s also good that DJI designed this hub with ease of use in mind. You can easily fold it into a portable unit and you can easily attach your smartphone to a magnetic stand.

6 Cool Phone Gadgets You Can Order for Christmas

Would you order hand tools under the Christmas tree? Tell us about your wish list. On the other hand, are you looking for more inspiration for a gift? Let us know in the comments at the bottom of this article.