June 21, 2024

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70 procent van de twaalf- tot zeventienjarigen volledig gevaccineerd voor begin schooljaar

70 percent of children between the ages of 12 and 17 are completely at risk…

Photo: Mark Hermans – Media House

At least 70 per cent of Flemish people in the 12-17 age group have already received their first coronavirus vaccine and will be fully vaccinated before the start of the school year.

Next week, the focus of the Flemish vaccination campaign will be on first picks between 12 to 15-year-olds, and second picks between ex-vaccine refusers and hard-to-reach groups. The vaccination campaign also focuses on the second injection, including the delayed shots. In the week of August 16, 170,711 vaccines will be given, including 732 first doses, mostly Johnson & Johnson’s coronavirus, and 169,979 second injections. In the week of August 23, 151,445 vaccinations are planned, of which 10,342 are first shots and 141,103 are second shots.

The Health and Welfare Agency is making one last call for those who still want a first chance. Anyone who missed their first chance to get a vaccine against Corona, but did not expressly refuse the Corona vaccine, can schedule a first vaccination starting next week. The expired vaccination code is then reactivated. Anyone who has previously refused a corona vaccine can still register on the reserve list via Qvax. Please note: Because vaccination centers use the final race, fewer vaccination moments are available.

Prepare to close

4,838,481 Fleming adults were vaccinated. That is 90.22 percent of Flanders’ population of 5,363,075. 4,618,201 Flemish adults (86.11% of Flemish adults) were vaccinated. At least 1,300,777 people (94.49 percent of Flemish people over 65 years of age) were fully vaccinated against Flems over 65 years of age. From August 16, the supply of corona vaccines in Flanders will exceed demand for the first time. Deliveries will no longer determine how many shots are taken. Vaccination centers will drain their local supplies in preparation for a possible shutdown.

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