April 16, 2024

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Selma Blair keek de dood in de ogen in nieuwe documentaire: “Ze hadden me gezegd om plannen te maken om te sterven”

Selma Blair faced death in a new documentary:…

Actress Selma Blair suffers from MS. This is a progressive disease of the central nervous system. As a last resort, she chose to undergo a stem cell transplant, a very risky procedure. The process is documented in a documentary that will soon be shown on Discovery+ and some cinemas.

MS is a condition that has very different syndromes for many patients. For this reason, treating the condition is not easy. It requires medical customization and sometimes treatments don’t work. Such was the case with Blair, who was diagnosed in 2018, so she chose the last, albeit dangerous, resort: a stem cell transplant. “This is the only thing that will help me, if there is anything that will help me,” says the well-known actress Legally Blonde in a cruel intentions, in a trailer for the documentary. “I was told I had to make plans to die.” For example, the actress had to stop taking medication and undergo chemotherapy to paralyze the immune system. The latter is to combat the symptoms of rejection. The risk of complications or death was particularly real. Nevertheless, she retained her sense of humor. “Actually, this is my first real leadership role,” she notes in an interview with Vanity Fair.

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