October 1, 2022

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A 32-year-old Israeli was killed after he drowned in a cesspool during a pool party |  Abroad

A 32-year-old Israeli was killed after he drowned in a cesspool during a pool party | Abroad

A 32-year-old man was killed during a pool party in the Israeli village of Karmi Yosef when he suddenly drowned in a ditch. A hole 13 meters deep has formed in the pond. Suspected negligence of the villa owner: he set up the pool without a permit.


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A party was held for a marketing company at the villa in central Israel on Thursday evening. It was said that about fifty people attended. Music can be heard on photos on social media. Balloons hang around the pool, and the water contains puffy flamingos and watermelons. Suddenly the pond empties in a few seconds through a large hole created. A man disappears in the depths – thirteen meters, it turned out later. The water sucks another man, but he manages to reach safety in time. He escaped with minor injuries.

But for Calil Kimhi, the party ended fatally. A witness told Ynet, one of Israel’s major news websites, that she screamed loudly at her colleagues to get out of the pool when she saw a hole forming. However, at first they thought it was some kind of game. “A few seconds later, the Earth vanished…I saw two people just disappear,” she says.

GoPro cameras

Kamhi’s body was not found by rescuers until four hours later, The Times of Israel reports. Rescuers descended into the hole with GoPro body cameras to locate the man. According to local media, this is a dangerous business because the ground was unstable and the place could collapse further. So the site had to be supported first.

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The villa owner often organizes pool parties. The police questioned him for building the swimming pool without the necessary permit. Kan, the public broadcaster, cites another anonymous report that the permit was denied due to infrastructure problems at the site.

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