February 1, 2023

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A couple whose home became uninhabitable after a neighbor’s fire received support from a crowdfunding campaign: “We will continue until they have more financial breathing space” (Micklin)

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The money is being raised through an online collection for Hilde and Hedwig, a couple from Lotelingstraat in Muizen (Mechelen) whose house has been rendered uninhabitable by a serious neighbour’s house fire.

Burt Provost

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The couple’s home took a hit on Saturday night, December 17th. A fire broke out in the next door neighbor’s house. “The flames spread into their house, causing a lot of smoke damage. Thousands of liters of fire water was also pumped through the house,” says initiator Michel Van Laer.

The fire started on the right and spread to the building on the left, for which a support campaign is now being organized. © BEPR

The consequences were dire. “Their house has now been uninhabitable for at least half a year. The water and smoke damage is moving from the attic to the basement. The roof, all gyproc walls, ceilings, insulation, bathroom and bedrooms can be replaced.”

Not everything is covered

Hilda and Hedwig have just renovated the house with their savings. All of these works can be completely reconstructed. “So the fire is a big blow. Looking for a temporary place is not easy. Fortunately, there are insurance policies. However, they do not cover everything and there are costs that no one reimburses. This is already chasing them with more unexpected costs than expected. Michel says: “There is not much money left.”

“To support the mental capacity of the couple as well, we have started crowdfunding. We reached the first hurdle of €7,500 in less than a day. We will continue until temporary housing and other unforeseen costs are covered and the couple has more financial breathing space.”

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Torque support can be done via Supportactie.be

Burt Provost

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