July 22, 2024

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Beerlab: The anti-advertisement to our national art of brewing

Beerlab: The anti-advertisement to our national art of brewing

To be honest, we couldn't believe our eyes when we saw the beer list. It was like going back in time, as if nothing had happened between 1990 and 2024. Craft beer movement? He forgets. Breweries that have revitalized the Belgian beer scene, such as De Ranke, Brasserie de la Senne or Dupont? It's as if they never existed. There was also no trace of Brussels references such as Brasserie de la Mule, En Stoemelings, the historic Cantillon or even L'Ermitage.

The Belgian lobby group Brewers, which runs the project, offers an industrial version of our heritage: Leffe (€5.90 for 33cl), Liefmans On the Rocks (€5.70 for 33cl), Jupiler (€4.70 for 33cl). Disaster on the “Land of Beer”. Helps! At our wits' end, we ordered bitter beer with a body. The proposed St-Feuillien project (€6.40), water and flat, did not meet demand.

Delicious sausages (€9) and olives (€4) which were correct but cold were not enough to change our minds. It's best to come here for a glass of wine, such as a very good Tète Blanche from Nicolas Grosbois for 5 euros. Things don't get better here.

Inspiciallan 80, Brussels, Instagram: thebeerlab.brussels

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