February 2, 2023

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A French hospital cancels its procedures after a cyber attack  Abroad

A French hospital cancels its procedures after a cyber attack Abroad

Health Minister François Brown said during his visit to the hospital Sunday evening that six patients, three from the intensive care unit and three from the neonatal unit, had been transferred to other facilities since Saturday evening. He added that others could follow.

The André-Mignot Hospital, the Richaud Hospital and the DEspagne Nursing Home have all fallen victim to the hackers, the administration said. Management says it is doing everything it can to allow services and counseling to continue.

The minister said the cyberattack led to a “complete reorganization of the hospital”. While the devices were still working in the ICU, more people were needed to look at the monitors as they no longer functioned as part of a network.

The Paris prosecutor has opened a preliminary investigation into attempted extortion. For several months now, hospitals and healthcare institutions in France have been the target of similar cyberattacks. According to Health Minister Browne, the French healthcare system is “under attack every day”, but “the vast majority of these attempts are being stopped”.

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