July 25, 2024

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A German party wants to put a ceiling on the price of shawarma kebab

A German party wants to put a ceiling on the price of shawarma kebab

For a long time, the kebab sandwich, which was invented by Turkish immigrants in West Berlin in the 1970s, was seen as people’s street food. For a few euros everyone can get a sandwich filled with meat and vegetables. But in recent years this price has risen sharply.

In Berlin, the average price of a shawarma is now around 7 euros, and in some places the price is close to 10 euros. This means that the beloved popular dish is at risk of turning into a luxury product, according to the left-wing Die Linke party.

Is there a discount for students?

In its proposal, the party wrote to introduce a maximum price: 4.90 euros for a sandwich, and 2.50 euros for students. According to the plans, every German should receive a weekly coupon with which he can buy a doner at a small price.

According to the plans, restaurants should be able to recover the remaining amount from the government. Costs of the “dönnerpreisbremse”, as the measure is called in the German media: 4 billion euros per year.

High prices

A spokesman for the Die Linke party told the German newspaper that the plan seemed like a joke, but was actually intended seriously. Stern Magazine. According to her, many Germans feel the rise in food prices in their wallets. “The food industry and supermarkets are not expected to cut prices on their own,” she says. He added, “If the government does not intervene, kebab prices will remain high.”