December 6, 2023

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A guest paradise for Bob and Marianne’s grandchildren

A guest paradise for Bob and Marianne’s grandchildren

Bob and Marian live in Veenendaal and have four grandchildren who regularly come to stay. They created a guest room in the attic specifically for the kids, but it needed an upgrade after so many years of fun. The children’s room can be transformed into a comfortable and attractive room for teenagers. The skilled staff knows what to do with this!


When the kids spend the night with Bob and Marian, they like to do crafts and draw. Because this can create a significant amount of clutter, the couple would like to see more storage space in the guest room. In addition, the grandchildren are now a little older and that is why they want to turn the room, now furnished for younger children, into a real teenage room. To show what they had in mind for the interior, grandchildren Ninke and Carlin created a mood board containing a collage of images of bohemian and Ibiza-style furniture and lighting. Children also love to see earth tones.

He. She design

There are two main trends this season: warm and cool earth tones. They can also be seen on Nienke and Karlijn’s mood boards! Designer Floortje goes along with this Vibration Start and combine the two colors in the interior. The sloping walls will have a cool wallpaper with a green print and the rest of the walls and ceiling will be a warm, earthy color. To give the interior some extra strength, there will be a wonderful terracotta-coloured wardrobe, containing storage space and a box bed. The beds in the box bed are extendable, so four children can sleep there. Finally, it is made comfortable by adding different structures in the accessories, such as wicker, wood and raffia.

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Painter Karen rolled up his sleeves and started wallpapering and painting the walls. Patrick set to work on the biggest task: the custom-made cabinet. He made the centerpiece out of a few wooden boards that will stand between the two beds. This consists of a number of niches on both sides, where books and other items fit. This really gives a cozy box bed feel! There was a closet on either side of the beds. They are made with a depth slightly less than the beds, because wardrobes with a depth of 90 cm are of course very impractical. Finally, a “ceiling” was placed on top of the box bed to make the wardrobes and beds integrated. Of course, a number of planks joined together does not constitute a cabinet, which is why cabinet doors, skirting boards and decorative frames were added as well.

Raffia feathers

The guest room will of course be in a bohemian Ibiza style and what could fit that better than raffia? To add atmosphere, Floortje made a beautiful decorative feather for the guest room. With some rope, scissors, a bunch of raffia, and a little patience, I was up and running. By tying the raffia to a strand of rope and then cutting it into a diamond shape, the decorative piece quickly came to life. Much cheaper than raffia from the store!

Atmospheric decoration

Nienke and Karlijn’s mood board contains many images of cozy mood lighting. That’s why a warm string of lights and a bamboo wall lamp are hung in the box bed. The bamboo decoration is extended to the wall opposite the box bed, where a number of bamboo-edged and raffia-edged mirrors are hung. If you choose a dominant color, such as a terracotta cabinet, it is important to reflect it somewhere in the room to create a cohesive whole. That’s why Floortje placed beautiful candles and a chair in the same color. A chalkboard, rug, large plant, and some vases complete the room!

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mission accomplished

Grandpa, Grandma and the grandchildren were very curious about the transformation and couldn’t wait to see the final result. When they entered the guest room they were crazy. Marianne says in surprise: “The whole atmosphere is wonderful, the picture is just completed!” The grandchildren don’t know where to look either. “Isn’t it wonderful! Look at the lights! And the pillows! Gorgeous!” They complement each other. This looks like a successful transformation!

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