September 21, 2023

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SATK connection kits for lasting comfort

SATK connection kits for lasting comfort

Less heat loss and lower costs

In contrast to centralized systems that produce hot water in a central heating system, delivery groups require fewer piping from the central system to the apartments: only 2 instead of 5. This offers a significant advantage in reducing heat losses and in eliminating the costs incurred by the pump to keep returning Hot water circulation. The water continues to circulate so that it maintains the desired user temperature, thus ensuring thermal comfort for the end user.


It should also be remembered that various hot water distribution standards require that the water supply be at its design temperature within 30 seconds of turning on the faucet. This may require laying a recirculation pipe into the apartment, which makes calculating hot water consumption particularly difficult. After all, not all the water that enters the house is consumed. These recycling networks also face serious balance problems, because each branch must carry a limited flow.

Fixtures with instant hot water do not require recirculation and the response time of the delivery set depends solely on its location in the home and the speed of its internal control. SATK coupling sets are equipped with an electronic controller that automatically controls the stepper motor, ensuring that the water is continuously kept at the required temperature, even with sudden changes in flow rate. To further reduce unit response time, a ‘heat exchanger preheat’ option can be activated to keep the unit at a constant operating temperature.

There is no risk of Legionella contamination

Producing hot water locally eliminates favorable conditions for the development of Legionella bacteria, because hot water is produced only when it is needed. This means that thermal disinfection of the distribution network is not required.

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Priority of hot water production over heating

If a heating request is placed at the same time as a hot water request, priority will be given to hot water production. This means comfort is maximized, with full initial flow available for peak potential during water drainage.

Designed for integration with renewable energy sources

The two-way design, combined with electronic flow control, reduces return temperature and allows for the incorporation of alternative energies and the use of low-temperature heat sources.

Simple and less maintenance

The biggest danger to any instant hot water production system, be it a boiler or a heat exchanger, is the formation of limescale in the heat exchanger. The higher the sanitary hot water temperature, the higher the risk of limescale. Thanks to electronic control that ensures hot water is produced instantly at the correct temperature (without the use of thermostatic mixing valves below the exchanger), the water temperature in the heat exchanger is as low as possible. In addition, the primary adjusting valve closes very quickly after drawing water, so that the water in the exchanger does not overheat. The exchange efficiency is thus improved, while the risk of limescale formation is reduced to a minimum.

SATK series heat exchangers are designed so that all parts are easily accessible for maintenance. Thus, the replacement of important or large parts does not hinder other parts.

remote control

The delivery set has dual function user interface and room thermostat. This can be installed on the mains itself or on the wall, and obviously this location determines the control of the heating function.

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Remote reading and control can be done via Mod-BUS, and it is possible to connect to building management systems. Data can be collected quickly from the unit(s), allowing one to infer when maintenance visits need to be scheduled (predictive maintenance).