June 17, 2024

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Niemelaer Haren wins the first match in the fourth division

Niemelaer Haren wins the first match in the fourth division

The first historic victory in the fourth division is a fact. It certainly didn’t happen automatically, but Niemeleer’s strong side have shown they can also maintain their place in the fourth tier. Nemelaer was able to enter the dressing room with a comfortable lead. Shortly after the end of the first half, the game turned on its head and soon after the visitors took the lead. Nemelaer once again showed the required resilience and eventually won.

Niemiller defeats Wittenhorst

In the chaotic start to the match, the visitors almost benefited from some carelessness in defence. The match is not of high quality, but opportunities exist for both sides to open the scoring. Jasper van Venrooij had the best chance when the rebound could slide into the empty goal. The goalkeeper saves. In the end, Niemiller takes the lead. Matthijs de Waal releases Pieter Vugts. Peter slides face to face with the goalkeeper. 1-0(34).

After the break, Niemiller allows himself to be surprised. Nick Driessen plays freely in the 16th minute and scores with control. 1-1(46). Guests even take the lead out of nowhere. The cross barely rebounded but Jeroen Virkenes scored the rebound. 1-2(55). Fortunately, Niemiller quickly returned to the match. Because of the sun, the high ball was not properly assessed by the goalkeeper, but Peter also did not see the ball coming, so he inadvertently helped the guests by clearing the ball from the goal line. It’s a kick from the subsequent corner kick. Luc Vermeer takes the lead with a pass from Guerri Vogts to score 2-2 (58). The competition waved up and down. Under pressure, a corner kick is taken by Vetenhorst. Nick Vugts cleverly presides over the Joeri effort. 3-2(62).

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In the last half hour, Wittenhorst tries to find a hole in Nemelaer’s solid defence, and Nemelaer occasionally manages to break through the space that has been created. In the end, the victory ended over the line and Niemiller achieved the first victory in the fourth division.

Next Sunday, Niemeleer will visit UDI’19 in Uden, with the match starting at 2pm.