September 21, 2023

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From October 10, paid parking will also be available in Boshuizen and Fortuinwijk

From October 10, paid parking will also be available in Boshuizen and Fortuinwijk

(Photo: Leiden Municipality)

Leiden municipality will also extend paid parking lots from 10 October to Fortuinwijk and Boshuizen on both sides of Churchill in southwest Leiden. Residents, companies and institutions have the option to apply for a car parking permit.

The so-called C2 parking permit area will be introduced in both areas in the southwest of Leiden. With a Zone C parking permit, you can park your car in the immediate vicinity of your home. Permit holders from other areas are not allowed to park here. Zone C consists of four parking permit zones: Zone C1 to Zone C4. The C2 parking permit is only valid in Fortuinwijk and Bushuizen.

Due to the small parking areas, the municipality expects less car use between neighborhoods. “In this way, we encourage clean means of transportation, such as cycling or walking,” explains a company spokesperson. “We need space on the street for an enjoyable life, healthy entrepreneurship, greening and relaxing outside. The municipal council recorded this in its July 2020 Attitudes Vision. That is why we are extending paid parking to a number of neighborhoods in Leiden. In this way we can reduce pressure Over parking and providing more space for more green spaces and more homes.

Parking permit
Parking permits for Zone C2 are valid as of Tuesday, October 10, 2023. The municipality will soon begin preparatory work for the installation of parking meters. There are now temporary street traffic signals in both neighborhoods announcing the arrival of paid parking.

Next year, paid parking will also be offered in the counties of Fleetport, Fleetzon, Ostvliet, Klein-Kronstein and Merburg. This is necessary, among other things, to ensure that neighborhood parking does not become more compact when new homes and apartments are built and that living conditions remain pleasant.


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