July 21, 2024

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The Bloober team is working on a mystery game in collaboration with Take-Two Interactive

The Bloober team is working on a mystery game in collaboration with Take-Two Interactive

The team at Polish studio Bloober, known for horror games Blair Witch, Layer of Fear, and The Medium, is currently working on several projects. The studio has been mainly in the news recently regarding the Silent Hill 2 Remake project. This project should be released sometime within the next few months.

The Bloober team is working behind closed doors on multiple projects. There are three more projects in development at the Polish studio. One of these projects is in collaboration with publisher Private Division, a subsidiary of Take-Two Interactive. This is evidenced by the annual report in which the various projects are briefly mentioned. This unannounced game will also be a survival horror game, but it's also a brand new IP. Therefore this game is not based on an existing world from another book, movie or game franchise.

“This will be the next big step for the Bloober team in their long-term strategy. It will also be our first original IP.” This will be a survival horror game. There are no other details yet, but the developer says the game will be revealed sometime this year.

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The other two unannounced projects may also be horror games. Bloober Team has only released horror games in recent years and has made a name for itself as a studio with a lot of knowledge in the genre. Skybound Games provides the license to create Project R and will also publish this game. It is not yet known what exactly Project R is. Project M was created in collaboration with Serial Cleaners Draw Distance studio. If all goes according to schedule, this project will be released for Nintendo Switch this year.

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So the Bloober team is very busy with multiple projects. It looks like Silent Hill 2 Remake and Project M will be released this year. Games in collaboration with Take-Two and Skybound seem a bit far away. There is no specific release date for Silent Hill 2 Remake yet, as the project is in development for PlayStation 5 and PC.

You can pre-order Silent Hill 2 for PlayStation 5 here.