May 30, 2024

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Annoying bug discovered in iOS 17.5: Deleted photos reappear

Annoying bug discovered in iOS 17.5: Deleted photos reappear

Apple’s latest iOS 17.5 update for iPhones appears to have introduced an annoying bug. Many users reported that old photos suddenly reappeared in their photo libraries. These are often photos that were deleted years ago.

In the news: Since the beginning of this week you can install the latest mobile operating system update on your iPhone. This relates to iOS 17.5. This update brings some new features, but unfortunately it also has an annoying bug.

the details:

  • On Reddit, via MacRumorsMany users reported that old photos suddenly appeared again in their iCloud. In many cases, these photos have been deleted years ago. Many users face a similar problem.
  • It’s always about some old photos, which are suddenly re-uploaded as if they were brand new. “I have four photos from 2010 that keep showing up as the most recently uploaded photos to iCloud. I’ve been deleting them repeatedly,” one person reported.
  • There were also reports of a similar bug in the iOS 17.5 beta.

It is currently unknown exactly how large the error is and what causes it. Since deleted photos are basically only available for 30 days, the fault cannot lie with the users.

  • The reason may be due to another bug that Apple is trying to fix. In iOS 17.3, some users encountered an error when syncing photos. In an attempt to fix this, Apple may have created a new sync bug in iOS 17.5.
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