February 21, 2024

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A little enthusiasm for physics at IOL - Suriname Herald

A little enthusiasm for physics at IOL – Suriname Herald

There is little or no enthusiasm for the Physics course at IOL. Few students participate in this study. This was noticeable again during the IOL open day. Less than eight people showed an interest in physics.

Jerry Oldenstam, Physics Course Coordinator for the Suriname Herald, says the government needs to do something about it. This is what we see every year, with only six to seven people expressing interest in this study. There are also a few recordings in the recordings. This is due to the way the educational structure was created, Oldenstam notes.

He says that according to the official course, students from teacher training colleges and HAVO should show interest, but it has become clear that physics is not taught in teacher training colleges. In havo, only a small group of students take this topic in their group.

These students have little knowledge of the subject itself. People who choose physics in secondary science education (vwo) want to become doctors or engineers and not end up in IOL to become physics teachers.

So he wonders where physics teachers should come from. At a certain point, what causes a shortage of physics teachers is that people from lobo must initially teach in the lower professional education (lbo). However, the physics teachers IOL trained are dotted there.

This ensures that there is a shortage of physics teachers in secondary schools. The system works more economically for teachers in junior high schools. There are a limited number of hours in high school. Oldenstam notes that there is a national demand for physics teachers.

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Oldenstam points out that the day the medical school and others decide that physics is no longer a requirement for admission, no one will choose that subject anymore. Physics is a requirement because they want to become doctors and if it doesn’t work out they will end up in IOL.

Oldenstam knows that in the past physics teachers were offered incentives as well as hands-on hours. At one time these hours went to chemistry teachers.

The field of study also sometimes relates to dropout. Students simultaneously register for other majors and apply for admission to others. At the moment there is a group of six students.

Razia Jumanbaks, the course coordinator, says the chemistry course has no shortage of students and teachers. It indicates that the chemistry meets the demand.

There is currently a MO-B group that must be completed and there are twenty students out there and in MO-A there are fourteen students graduating. So the chemistry is going well, she says. Physics is the problem, which is why chemistry teachers also teach physics in high schools, says Joemanbaks.