July 22, 2024

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A meeting of Scandinavian and Japanese design

A meeting of Scandinavian and Japanese design

Scandinavian design, Japanese inspiration, textiles and familiar harmony meet in the beautiful Hashira collection by Norm Architects. Lighting designs make you dream away in warm and soft spaces.

Since the studio’s birth in 2008, the team of architects and designers has grown into a well-known name in the international interior design and architecture world. They not only make a name for themselves with their unique and soothing interior furnishings, but their furniture and design elements also put Norm Architects on the map. Hashira’s latest group will undoubtedly contribute to that. The Japanese-inspired light collection was released last year and met with great applause. We hear from the studio “This is our modern Scandinavian take on a traditional Japanese rice paper lantern”. The chain is therefore named after the Japanese word hasira, which means “pillar” or “pillar”. The chain was created for Sticks ‘N’ Sushi restaurant in London. We hear: “This is a texture-rich space where Scandinavian and Japanese aesthetics meet through an emphasis on natural materials and an overall atmosphere of contemporary luxury.” This luxury is well balanced by Japanese influences and subtle yet traditional details. In the restaurant, you literally take a trip into the light and that’s exactly what Norm Architects wanted to achieve. Textiles probably play the most important role in this interior and are also reflected in the purpose-built Hashira lamps. “Textiles throughout the restaurant have been carefully chosen for the different settings: heavy when needed to create warm seating, privacy and lighting as they are installed as elegant and elegant room dividers that play with light,” we hear.

Modern Scandinavian design on traditional Japanese rice paper lantern

The set consists of floor lamps, table, pendant and cluster lamps. It is an elegant and contemporary series in which we instantly recognize the typical balance of Norm Architects. The lamps are made of textiles, so that the space is filled with warm and atmospheric light. Linen is coarse, coarse, and emits light in different directions. At the same time, the fabric provides a certain texture and lightens the interior. The lamps feature a slim, minimalist design based on a basic, simple geometric form in architecture: the column. “The Hashira Collection diffuses atmospheric light into a space and provides targeted lighting above a dining table, in a reception area or at a table in a hotel room, adding a sense of luxury and purpose to interior spaces,” says Norm Architects. With this collection, Norm Architects have once again been able to prove that they are masters in combining their Danish heritage and aesthetics with other cultural influences. This time, Scandinavian minimalism blends with Japanese textile traditions for a great match.

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Designed by Norm Architects
Manufactured by Menu
Photography by Jonas Pierre Poulsen