July 22, 2024

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Problem solved: First aid for blisters

Problem solved: First aid for blisters

In cold weather, those pesky pimples reappear. I’m definitely done with that. With these tips, you can balance your complexion and tackle blemishes.

cooler weather

Why are you more prone to pimples now that it’s colder? Especially on your chin and around your mouth and neck? Low temperature and fluctuation (from warm inside to cold outside) and low humidity make your skin drier, upsetting the skin’s balance. Your skin produces less oil and becomes flaky and flaky. You probably think: Less oily, then less pimples, right? Unfortunately, this is not the case.

Skin irritation and flakes can cause pimples. In the fall and winter, you’ll also likely wear a scarf or a turtleneck, so your skin can’t breathe in there. It clogs your pores, so you’ll experience inflammation more quickly where your scarf or turtleneck touches your skin (your neck and chin).

to prevent

How can you prevent this? Do not over scrub or exfoliate. This does more harm to your skin than good. Avoid products that contain aggressive substances such as alcohol, perfume, and sulfates. These will only irritate your skin more. This not only removes the layer of dirt from your face, but also removes the protective lipid layer, making it increasingly drier.


But what should you do? hydrate! Choose a moisturizer and serum that contain highly nourishing and moisture-retaining ingredients like collagen, hyaluronic acid, and glycerin.

An indispensable ingredient in your skincare routine for pimples and blemishes: Niacinamide. This substance puts a protective layer on your skin, calming it and fighting redness. Choose a moisturizer and/or toner and pay attention to the concentration: the more niacinamide, the more effective it is.

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It is also scientifically proven that Vitamin C in high concentrations helps treat pimples and blemishes.


In addition, peeling should not be missed. Anyway, every skin recovers from an exfoliator, and this is definitely the case if you suffer from pimples or have acne-prone skin. It is a method of removing accumulated dead skin cells and also stimulates cell renewal.

Use lotions that are high in salicylic acid or glycolic acid. These substances not only remove dead skin cells, but also have an anti-inflammatory effect and fight clogging of the sebaceous glands. Your skin literally becomes smoother and looks fresher and more radiant.

Finally, no matter how tempting, don’t pop a pimple. Because you not only put pressure on the sebum, but also inside, which increases the risk of inflammation under the skin. In addition, your skin is damaged and can cause a scar. Want to do something to suppress severe pimples faster? Before going to bed, use a topical anti-pimple lotion. Contains salicylic acid and/or zinc oxide. The first fights inflammation, dissolves sebum, and zinc oxide makes pimples dry faster.

Oh, and leave concealer, foundation, and powder on during the day if you have an outbreak. Because that will clog your pores more. Instead, let your skin “breathe” and use, for example, a tinted moisturizer for light coverage. Be patient, but then you will shine even more!

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