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A Missed Flight with a Long Wait: Is Your Insurance Interfering?  |  travel guide

A Missed Flight with a Long Wait: Is Your Insurance Interfering? | travel guide

Spaargids.beIt happens every summer. It is very busy at the airport, first you have to stand in line to check in and then you have to wait for a long time to get past the security services. What if you missed your flight because of all that waiting? Can you count on reimbursement from your airline or insurance? And what other cases can you also get compensation for? Find out.

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If you are going to travel by plane this summer, it is best to leave on time. If you miss your flight due to a long queue at the airport or due to traffic jams on the way, you cannot count on compensation from the airport. You have to pay for the replacement flight yourself. Oversleeping, leaving it late, or simply having bad luck on the road can be very costly.

You also should not rely on the intervention of cancellation insurance if your plane departs according to plan. Cancellation insurance comes only if you are unable to leave due to illness or force majeure. For example, when someone in your family dies, you have a house fire or re-exams.

However, there are also other situations when the airline or your cancellation insurance will get involved.

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Missing connection

The situation is different if you miss the call because a previous flight arrived late. In this case, the company must offer you an alternative, or at least when the entire itinerary is included in one reservation. Can this alternative flight be operated after only one day? Then the airline also has to pay for accommodation and transportation.

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Are you more than four hours late and are you traveling from the European Union or with a European airline? Then you are also entitled to compensation of between 250 and 600 euros. The exact amount depends on the length of the trip. If you are three to four hours late, you will receive half the amount.

Have you collected your flight yourself and made several reservations? Then you will have to peel your beans yourself.

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Bad weather or strike

You can also miss a flight because it was canceled at the last minute. For example, due to unfavorable weather conditions or strike. You usually have bad luck. Strikes and bad weather are often linked to force majeure, and the airline cannot be held responsible for this, unless, of course, the court ruled that the airline could have done more to prevent the strike.

The airline will refund you for your flight. Is the trip part of a vacation package? Then you will also get a full refund of the package value.

lost baggage

Did your luggage end up on the wrong flight and do you have to dispense with it while traveling? In this case, you can rely on the airline or your travel insurance company. They will suggest you an amount for which you can actually buy a number of things while you are waiting for your luggage. Your insurance company will inform you by providing them with a certificate of delay from the airline.

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The intervention you receive varies from insurer to insurer. The same is true if your luggage is eventually lost, despite all efforts.

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