December 5, 2023

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A new name and building for a rapidly growing IT house

A new name and building for a rapidly growing IT house

Codecapital is the new name of a young Limburg software house that meets the digital needs of Belgian companies and organizations with the help of a pool of foreign IT talent. “The name change is part of a big and ambitious plan through which we will significantly expand our team of project managers in Limburg and our permanent staff abroad,” say Pascal Delft and Bart Janssen, co-founders and directors of Codecapital. .

Founded as Priceless-IT, Codecapital is a software company with a proprietary business style. “Given the significant shortage of IT professionals in Belgium, it often takes a very long time before local companies deploy their website, app or other digital application to the world,” say Delft and Janssen, who now also include Guy Doulaert. And Kurt Aerts also welcomed a fellow partner. “In order to implement a high-quality project quickly and affordably, we have a group of our own employees and freelancers abroad, who carry out orders according to the instructions of our Limburg project managers. A simple but very valuable formula that only works for all parties. But brings benefits.”

To form the new chapter in growth plans, a new name was chosen: Codecapital. “The codes we write for our clients’ projects come from all capitals of the world,” the managers explain the choice of name. “Capital also refers to ‘human capital’: we address the significant shortage of specialized IT professionals in Belgium with the solution we offer.”

Codecapital is ambitious. “We are currently working with 6 project managers in Limburg and we still have 3 vacancies,” say Janssen and Dehelft. “This local team will therefore be expanded, also through sales profiles. We will soon move to a new building in Genk for this purpose.” But the foreign pool will soon swell, too. “Today we already have 21 permanent people working on projects for us full-time. It goes without saying that we want to increase this number in the coming years.”

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Codecaptial wants not only to be the middleman for the end client, but also, as a “white label”, to facilitate communications and other digital agencies to bring their clients’ projects into the world. “Finally, we also loan our foreign IT professionals to clients who want to employ someone in their business for a longer period of time,” say the managers. “We want to become a reference in the sector in all these areas. Are we ambitious? Yes. But we are determined to achieve it!”