December 5, 2023

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A newly elected far-right German politician (22 years old) is arrested for possible possession of Nazi symbols

A newly elected far-right German politician (22 years old) is arrested for possible possession of Nazi symbols

According to Reuters news agency, the man’s neighbors also complained that they regularly made Nazi salutes “Sage Hill” he heard. The man was released on conditions later in the day.

An arrest warrant has been issued for the young man who was recently elected to the Bavarian state parliament as the youngest politician ever. Halemba admitted to being a member of a controversial student society in Würzburg, “Teutonia Prague”, whose premises were searched in September. According to the Public Prosecutor, the association is suspected of possessing Nazi Party symbols, posters and racist literature. Four other members of the association are also being investigated.

As one of the four AfD-elected officials from the Lower Franconia region, Halemba was expected to attend the opening session of the state parliament in Bavaria on Monday. As the youngest member, he had to temporarily assist the Speaker of Parliament as secretary. The Alternative for Germany party became the third party in Bavaria in the regional elections that took place on October 8, with a percentage of 14.6 percent. The far-right party performed better than the Green Party and the Social Democratic Party. But instead of being sworn in, Halemba was brought before a magistrate at around the same time. At the end of the session, his parliamentary immunity was immediately lifted.

The politician denies all accusations and considers his arrest a form of state repression against his party. “This is a new sad point in the CSU’s pursuit of the democratic opposition,” the young politician criticized the ruling regional Christian Democratic Party (CDU) over X. The chairwoman of the AfD in the state parliament also strongly criticized the arrest. She talked about “violating the rights of the opposition.”

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Halemba was released on conditions on Monday. He must report to the police once a week, and is no longer allowed to contact members of his former student association.