March 2, 2024

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A Russian minister speaks in threatening language: “Moscow is ready for conflict with NATO.”  Ukraine-Russia war

A Russian minister speaks in threatening language: “Moscow is ready for conflict with NATO.” Ukraine-Russia war

Direct conflict between Russia and NATO cannot be ruled out. This is what Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov (63 years old) said in an interview with the Russian newspaper “Izvestia”. According to Ryabkov, good relations between Russia and NATO are practically “impossible.” He asserts: “If Western countries think we need it, they are wrong.”

When asked if we could expect an armed conflict between NATO and Russia soon, Ryabkov replied that it entirely depends on the alliance. He added: “NATO has a choice. As we have said many times, we are ready to protect our national interests at any cost.”

Ryabkov says he does not expect the wrinkles between Russia and the West to be smoothed out in the near future. “This is impossible for reasons of principle and practicality. If Western countries think that we need them and will one day ask for forgiveness, they are mistaken. The politician also describes “countries that continue to test our strength” as “big losers.”

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Ryabkov stressed in the interview that Russia would not enter into negotiations unless they were based on “equality and mutual respect.” “But I can’t imagine a context in which that would be possible after everything that happened.”

Things have been bad between Moscow and Washington in particular for some time. In fact, according to Rabkov, relations between the two parties are so bad that a “rupture” looms on the horizon. “But Russia will never take such a step,” she added.

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