June 18, 2024

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A video of a conservative Christian organization featuring the US Chief Justice has been released

A video of a conservative Christian organization featuring the US Chief Justice has been released

Donald Trump nominates Amy Comey Barrett as Chief Justice. Barrett is the active part of popular praise. © AFP

People of Praise, a secretive Christian organization that includes US Chief Justice Amy Comey Barrett, holds women’s obedience and submission to men as fundamental principles. This is evident from the comments of founder Kevin Ranagan’s wife captured on video.

People of Praise, an American Christian organization, recently celebrated its 50th anniversary. In a video of a recent meeting marking the occasion, Dorothy Ranagan, wife of founder Kevin Ranagan, said female members of the association cried bitterly when the meetings discussed the roles of men and women in relationships. Society considers men as the head of the family and in that sense they dominate the women.

“Some of my girls in the group — who are still in the union — always wore sunglasses to hide the tears in their eyes,” Ranaghan said. “They grabbed the backs of their chairs, so to speak, because they were afraid of what they would hear again.”

“But it all worked out in the end,” she added, after which the man who interviewed her couldn’t hold back a laugh.

This is the first time that negative comments from women about the association have come out publicly. Members of the group who left the association earlier have already complained that their husbands are asking them to submit.

Control over funds and private appointments

British newspaper Guardian It was previously reported that founder Kevin Ranaghan demanded full control over his wife’s finances, including who she had private meetings with.

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Judge Amy Comey Barrett lived with the Ranagan family while studying law. She never spoke of her membership in the People of Burais, in which her father played a prominent role. Barrett has always said that he is “devoutly Christian” and that his religious beliefs will never interfere with his work as a judge.

In recent years, his opposition to abortion rights and Roe v. Barrett has gained attention for his stance on the Wade case.