May 30, 2023

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A warm and inviting living room for George and Margoun


Margon and George have a large living and dining room, but it lacks a bit of atmosphere. As they moved in, they chose to keep everything securely white and furnish the house with the furnishings of their former home. However, this seems to no longer be appropriate at all. They would love to see more darker colors that blend into each other a bit. Furthermore, Margoun would like to see the masks they brought from Gambia to the renovated living room.

the design

Interior designer Roy Seen beautifully designed Marjon and George’s living room. He has opted for a combination of darker colours. There will be a slightly lighter shade in the seating area. Roy also plays with rounded shapes for an extra warm and atmospheric effect.

The darker and warmer color is for the dining area, creating an intimate atmosphere. To create a beautiful and fun effect, the fireplace was covered in gorgeous wallpaper in warm colors, making the fireplace real. Eye observer.

Martine will make a sleek, floating TV cabinet with a vertical cabinet next to it. To give the furniture atmosphere, LED lighting will be installed. This gives the dark corner a good source of light.

TV furniture

The TV furniture has also been given a nice taupe colour. The furniture provides warmth and calmness in the room due to the offer and variety in the closed and open cabinets.

Martine used a special technique to ensure that the cabinet hangs securely on the wall. I did this by attaching a bracket to the back that slides over the bracket on the wall.

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Special LED strips are also installed in the vertical part of the cabinet. These are almost invisible thus giving a neat effect.

Roy side table

Roy also went to work again with a fun DIY game and made a stylish side table out of flower pots and a bottom plate. This plateau is usually used to place decorations such as candles. You can play around with how the flower pots are stacked to make your own fun creation.

For Margon and George’s side table, Roy stacks flower pots in a diabolo shape.

happy surprise

George and Margoun were pleasantly surprised by the end result. “It makes me happy!” George exclaimed. The result also appeals to Margoun: “Look at those colors!”

The couple thinks the living room and dining area feel more spacious and are very happy with the makeover. “Very cool, really good atmosphere.” It turned out very beautiful! George and Margoun say gratefully.