May 26, 2024

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A way out of the maze has been found: the Minotaurus is the new dropout in “The Masked Singer”

A way out of the maze has been found: the Minotaurus is the new dropout in “The Masked Singer”

All of the detectives were on the same page, and it was true. That voice had to be Jan van Lovren (54). “I felt that enough was enough. All the detectives were correct and my environment also recognized that I was a Minotaur. I couldn’t take it any longer. Although I think it’s strange that so many people would recognize my voice. I would never have imagined it.”

Children disappointed

“They also asked me about the first season, but then it just didn’t fit into my agenda. My kids were very frustrated at the time,” says Van Lovren. “Now that that was possible, I immediately jumped on the bandwagon. Shows like The Masked Singer shouldn’t be ‘mindless’. You just have to do it. I had a good time.”

“The kids still don’t know. They really tracked me down. But then I keep denying it so hard and rudely. Then I say, ‘Oh my God, I’m really sorry you’re going to be so disappointed, but that’s not really me.'” I do not participate in such a ridiculous program! However, they held on until it was announced that we would be performing at Sportpaleis. Then my daughter said, “Now I guess it’s not you. You really aren’t going to lead to Sportpaleis. So I’m really curious about their reaction to the ad.”


And what about the lawsuit? Was that also torture for Van Lovren? “Really bad. I have claustrophobia. When I first put on the mask, it had to be taken off immediately. It was a panic. I got a patch on my nose, like in the good old days in football, to get more oxygen.”

Bend like a real bodybuilder, without somersaults

However, Van Looveren was instantly sold when he saw the Minotaur. “Yeah, I really liked it. It’s impressive and I could also use my bodybuilding moves for it. Jens (Dendoncker, ed.) A little scary, and I do a short run and ‘flex’ the muscles … I once intended to do somersaults in a suit, because I also did some martial arts, but they advised me not to. Horns can only be broken.”

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From Yuri to Bombalo

Van Leuven knew his role as a half-man, half-ox perfectly in hand – or was it his hoof? – To put. He knows a thing or two about getting dressed. “I used to play ‘de Joeri’ in ‘Tragger Hippy’ and Bumbalu (the clown kid’s friend Pumbaa, ed.) in the same period. Then one evening I stood in as Bumbalu in Sportpaleis, and then I appeared as Joeri the next. As an actor, you You immediately put yourself in the shoes of such characters, which is very nice.

No, I’m not going to call Helmut to say sorry.

Someone less pleased with the role of the Minotaur was Helmut Lotti. He said in interviews that he was tired of people suspecting him. “Ah,” Van Lovren says of this. “It’s just part of the game. I don’t know Helmut personally, but I’m sure he’s a nice guy, I want to give him some good advice. I don’t mind! You can’t be a fan of the show or think it’s a bit silly, but then put it aside. I won’t I apologize for the inconvenience. Although I would like to have a cup of coffee with him!” (He laughs)

The stage is not yet safe for Van Looveren’s powerful voice. In “Loslaten”, my first solo performance in the theater, I also sing. Although I don’t want to beat myself up too hard: the feedback is nice. With this offer we will try to fill the Capitol Building during the Gentse Feesten. This is already 1,600 men! He also sings on stage with Dirk Cassiers. “Dirk is a good friend who sings better than me too. We wear our tuxedos and we’re your salary. We sing singers, but we also wear new songs in a jazz jacket.”