June 2, 2023

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He lives. JEZ BOATS! In Antwerp: Catch up on performances by Gustaph, Grace and Pommelien Thijs here | showbiz

Yes! is the new youth group that VTM, Qmusic, HLN and Belfius take on themselves. With all Flanders, JEZ! Money for about 200 organizations in Flanders and Brussels committed to youth. JEZ stands for “Young and Crazy,” but also for Young, Confident, Young, Caring, Youthful, and more.

The closing week is celebrated with a five-day party, which runs from Monday 27th to Friday 31st March. Swamps of Qmusic with JEZ Boat! In no fewer than five cities: Bruges, Dinsee, Aalst, Boom and Antwerp. There will be a party every day on the pier, with performances from the Starlings, Niels Destadsbader, Coely & Regi, Dimitri Vegas & MATTN, and Pommelien Thijs, among others.

Everyone is welcome to the festival site from 3 p.m. Shows started at 4pm and are expected to end at 10pm. Offers are completely free.

JEZ Party Week is over! In Antwerp on Friday 31 March

9:00 PM: Because it can be the average sound system and robot

Yes! It is a campaign from HLN, VTM, Qmusic and Belfius. During JEZ Party Week! We’ll sail around Flanders and shake the foundations of Bruges, Denze, Aalst, Boom and Antwerp with five crazy festivals. After a successful fundraising week hopefully there will be a closing show on VTM on Friday. Donations are welcome at www.jezofficial.be. There is also a list of all 200 selected projects.

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