March 4, 2024

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A Winter of Love: Benjamin eagerly accepts Joshua's proposal

A Winter of Love: Benjamin eagerly accepts Joshua's proposal

A winter full of loveParticipant Benjamin invited the necessary candidates to come and visit him in the beautiful winter sports town of Belalp in Switzerland. SerieTotaal will follow A winter full of love closely and keep you informed about the love life of the candidates.

In Belalab Joshua is already busy marking his territory. He tells new candidate Olivier Bass about his date with Benjamin where they flew over the mountains in a plane. It's hard to get to the top, of course, and both Olivier and Benjamin are starting to get a little uncomfortable with Joshua's presence.


Joshua seems very interested in Benjamin and suspects that Benjamin is not responding very enthusiastically to this due to morning sickness or a hangover. Does he really not realize that he is completely in Benjamins' rage?

It seems that Joshua finally realized this in time. During a scheduled interview, he remarks that he really likes Benjamin and is therefore willing to give him space to really investigate his opinion of the other candidates. Benjamin immediately thinks this is a great idea and so Joshua leaves (temporarily?) Belalp.

He is afraid

Benjamin suffers from a fear of commitment and Joshua suffers from a fear of abandonment. Benjamin seems very relieved that Joshua is gone. Will the two masters still find each other in love this way? look A winter full of love on Videoland Or only on RTL 4.

Photo: RTL