February 28, 2024

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Abandoned at home for several days, the 20-month-old baby girl starved to death

She died of starvation as her mother abandoned her home for several days.

The facts are in the UK, UK at the end of 2019: 20-month-old Asia was left with her 19-year-old mother Verbie Gudi exactly five days, 21 hours and 58 minutes.

The woman, who was sentenced yesterday to nine years in prison for manslaughter, left her daughter alone at their apartment home several times. Finally for almost a week, to celebrate his birthday at a concert during a trip to London.

Eventually, little Asia could not bear it, and she sadly died of fever and starvation. When paramedics were finally called, they found the mother lying “on the floor” with her daughter “worried and upset”, not alive.

No one listened to the little girl’s moans: According to the doctor, not even a sound came from the baby’s mouth, because, being alone, she knew it was useless.

According to the judge who sentenced the 19-year-old girl, the child experienced “almost unimaginable suffering” before dying alone in the apartment: “She was a helpless child, and she trusted her mother completely to show her needs.”

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