May 26, 2024

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Greenville was devastated by a wind-driven fire, and the entire city was reduced to ashes [FOTO & VIDEO]


Horrible scenes that came In Greenville, USA: The city is completely burned down. Only ruins and ashes remain. In a very short time violent wildfires destroyed the place. Firefighters battled strong winds and droughts today, causing several wildfires to erupt in northern California, destroying large areas of the city of Greenville and homes near Colbox.

Firefighters faced multiple fronts as they sought to protect communities in the path of fires by expanding evacuation zones. Of fire Dixie – now a 361,812-acre monster – destroyed the town of Greenville in Blooms County, and firefighters are still busy protecting neighboring communities from a similar fate. On Wednesday afternoon, the fire spread to the city’s curved road system, he said Jack Goggle, Head of Fire Operations Division. The entire line of buildings and vehicles in the town of Greenville burned down causing havoc and catastrophe.

We did everything we couldA spokesman for the fire brigade said Mitch Madlow. “But sometimes that is not enough“Staff are still assessing the damage, but three-quarters of the city’s facilities are believed to have caught fire,” a fire department spokesman said Thursday. Serena Baker. Firefighters said they had been putting out the blaze for hours inside the city and that people had fled as the flames approached. “It looks like a war zone“One resident said he saw the fire clearing trees and exploded propane tanks.

Another woman’s house caught fire. “Like losing a loved one. Like the death of a loved one“, That girl has. Common sense.”Shock. Simply shocking“, he said Kevin Goss, Blooms County Supervisor and local contractor.

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California Fire: Greenville burns to ashes [VIDEO]

Great fire in California: Greenville destroyed [VIDEO]