April 22, 2024

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“Next to Niger …”, these confusing things appear all over the world – Libero Cottidiano

A still image from the athletic track Tokyo 2020 Is going viral on social media. Niger and Germany were side by side in the fourth battery in the women’s 200m. Written by “Nick-Jer”, Creates the word insulting and offensive to address African Americans.

A small cafe around the world that embarrassed the direction of Tokyo 2020, on the other hand, could not have done otherwise. On the same athletic track today, Friday 6 August, Italy’s sporting history was further written: the relay became Lorenzo Patta, Marcel Jacobs, Isoza Desalu and Filippo Tordo She was able to win the gold medal incredibly, Dart finished back Great Britain, and in the end even a penny made fun of her.

Among other things, it was a double victory for Jacobs, which makes him even more into the history books: the 100m / 4×100 relay brace at the Olympics in the last 50 years has been successful for only four other athletes. The heaviest names are: Carl Lewis (1984), Donovan Bailey (1996), Maurice Green (2000) and Usain Bolt (2012).

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