December 5, 2023

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Activision already has Call of Duty games planned through 2027

Activision already has Call of Duty games planned through 2027

It seems that Activision wants to continue the success of Call of Duty for a while longer. The publisher has already planned new parts of the series until 2027. Yes, including Modern Warfare 3, we will get at least 5 additional games. Although we have no idea what era we are heading into.

Activision president Rob Kostich revealed the news during an interview with GamesBeat. The guy was talking about Call of Duty’s past. But also about the future direction of the series.

Call of Duty has visited many historical conflicts over the past 20 years. The series started out as a World War II shooter, but only broke through into the Modern Warfare sub-series. This was followed by Black Ops, another huge success. With Advanced Warfare and Infinite Warfare, the game has moved into the future. Although those parts were significantly less successful.

Kostich points out that Activision has learned lessons from every Call of Duty game. Alternating between past and future, “begin at the end.” nice place It becomes clear what resonates with the community.

“Activision is always in the planning stage and works for the long term,” the man admits. Right now, there are “Call of Duty games planned through 2027, which are also in the works.”

However, Kostic believes balance is important. Activision wants to deliver experiences that are “immersive yet diverse, where players feel like they’re experiencing a new kind of fun.” Weapons in games are very important and are often tied to the story.

Of course, the time period represents a challenge in terms of weapons. World War II “offers much less flexibility if you want a realistic basis.” This is different for the modern era, as futuristic elements can be plausible in a contemporary setting. Thus enabling more flexibility.

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Finally, Kostich admits that Black Ops is a separate chapter entirely in this regard. According to Activision’s president, “Black Ops is very interesting because the series gives access to top-secret weapons and experiments.” For this reason, “there’s a lot of creativity possible in Black Ops games and that’s fun for teams to work with.”

There’s no doubt that Activision still has real plans for Call of Duty. Don’t expect another Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 4. Because the upcoming Modern Warfare 3 is actually an extension of its predecessor. And given Kostich’s enthusiasm for the Black Ops spin-off, we’re betting a sequel with that name is on the way as well. what do you think?