November 29, 2023

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Activision CEO would like to see the return of Guitar Hero and Skylanders

Microsoft is working on a bigger take over ever in the gaming industry, because they want to recruit Activision Blizzard. This will take some time, since there are many peripheral issues involved, but from a financial perspective, nothing stands in the software giant’s way. With this acquisition, Microsoft . will own All IP addresses From Activision and includes brands that have not been used for some time.

in conversation with VentureBeat Activision Blizzard’s current CEO, Bobby Kotik, said he’d like to see franchises like Guitar Hero and Skylanders return once the deal closes. These two series were very popular in the past, but at some point they ended up in the filing cabinet for different reasons. One of the reasons was the creation of a separate plant for the manufacture of accessories, which at that time they did not want and so far is difficult due to the lack of chips.

According to Kotick, Microsoft will have the resources and capabilities for this, so he hopes something will be done with it in the near future.

“Phil (Spencer) and I have been digging for things for the future. I’m going to give you three really compelling ones. I’ve wanted to make a new Guitar Hero for a while, but I don’t want to add teams to do manufacturing, supply chain, and quality assurance for manufacturing. And the chip shortage is massive. It wasn’t We really have the ability to do that. I had a really cool vision of what the next Guitar Hero would be, and I realized we didn’t have the resources to do that.

And Skylanders, too. One of the big disappointments of my career is that other people have come and gone with poor alternatives. And they got rid of all these bad alternatives in the market, and they basically destroyed the market for what was a really great future opportunity. If you look at Skylanders, with their hardware, their manufacturing, their supply chain, there are the same kinds of things we can’t do but Microsoft can do.”

Interested in the return of Guitar Hero or Skylanders? Let us know below.

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