June 20, 2024

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After 30 years, you can again drink beer from the vanished Lamotte brewery: “The taste has not changed” (Michelen)

After 30 years, you can again drink beer from the vanished Lamotte brewery: “The taste has not changed” (Michelen)

Surprise, the return of Lamotte Mechelen Beer. Temporary anyway. Beer lovers who want to taste it can go to catering establishments that serve AB-Inbev, Stella and Jupiler beers, for example. “We are distributing Lamotte in very limited quantities to a limited list of cases. “We see it as a gift for beer lovers who still know beer from the past,” says Lori Stoic, AB-Inbev spokeswoman.

The new Lamot is brewed according to the old recipe, but slightly adapted to existing standards. “It has to do with the technical aspects of brewing today, but the taste hasn’t changed,” Stoick explains.

The brewery’s oldest building has been a convention center for nearly eighteen years.© Dirk Vertomen

For multinational corporations, the revival of Lamotte is a ploy of a purely temporary and local nature. “At the moment there are no plans to expand this further and it will remain with this one-off filler. So anyone who wants a taste of Lamotte should be quick,” says the spokeswoman.

in the brand portfolio

Participants at a meeting of the Benelux Association for Brand and Design Law (BMM) got to taste beer for the first time last Friday. This is a professional association of intellectual property legal professionals. “Our colleague at AB-Inbev, François Oytenhoff, has become its president,” says Laure Stoeck.

For the occasion, the professional association met at the Lamotte Convention Center in Mechelen. It opened its doors in the fall of 2005 in the former brewery’s oldest building. “The beer is still in our brand portfolio. We see the temporary restart as an ode to our beer heritage and to the beautifully repurposed site,” says Stoic.

Jean Simmons, former director of Lamotte.© Dirk Vertomen

When exactly the beer will be available again, the brewer can’t say yet. The last time it was on the market was nearly thirty years ago, in 1994. At the start of this century, the brewery had largely given way to apartments, a Novotel branch and the Lamotte Convention Centre.

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Absolute added value

Former manager Jan Simmons had been dreaming of a beer comeback for years. We haven’t found a way to realize that. In the meantime, we have a call, because we definitely want to talk about this, he says.

According to him, beer can serve as a promotional gift perfectly. “I’ve already seen the new bottles, they look beautiful. The beer will definitely be an added value for the convention center,” he says.

The history of the brewery dates back to 1855, when Charles Lamott and his cousin Richard owned the first brewery in Delystad.

Lamotte trays.© Luke Helderson