June 21, 2024

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After a year and a half, Angel ended her tour: “For the first time I’m proud of myself” |  music

After a year and a half, Angel ended her tour: “For the first time I’m proud of myself” | music

musicAfter an intense period that lasted for a year and a half, Belgian singer Angel (27 years old) ended her 95th tour. At the end of this special journey, she released a video clip for her song “Plus de sens”, which contains exclusive photos from her concerts.

“This tour literally changed my life,” Angel says on Instagram. During the tour, which took her to France, Belgium, the United States, Canada and many other places, the singer experienced countless highs and lows. “Almost two years of pure madness. I have grown, and for the first time I dare to say I am proud of myself.”

During her journey, Angel met many new people, whom she now considers her family. “I’ve been lucky to have a loyal audience, from Zenith in France and Belgium, to many festivals, across Quebec and all the way to the United States.”

But not everything went smoothly. She recalled the sprained ankle she suffered in Paris, the loss of her voice, the technical problems, the moments of self-doubt, and the pressure she put on herself to perform. “But the explosions of laughter, the close bond and the roller coaster of emotions are also moments I will never forget that have shaped my character.”

Angel expressed her gratitude to her team for their love and loyalty and also thanked her fans for their tremendous support throughout the tour. “Will miss you so much.”

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